Final Program





Sunday, April 10___________________________

7:00 pm …….. Welcome Reception

Monday, April 11___________________________

7:00 am …….. Breakfast

8:00 am……. Opening Remarks and Keynote Address

8:45 am……. A1L-P – Plenary 1 – Industry Panel

Moderator: Capt. Lynn Petersen, NAVSEA 05Z

Mr. Dwight Alexander, Northrop Grumman
Mr. Read Tuddenham, GE Marine Systems
Mr. Larry Dreher, General Dynamics, Bath Iron Works
Mr. Jim Zgliczynski, General Atomics

10:30 am …… Coffee Break

10:45 am….. A1L-A – All Electric Ship

Chair: Tim McCoy, PEO Ships

Implementing Quality of Service in Shipboard Power System Design
Norbert H. Doerry, John V. Amy Jr.

Quick Charging Plug-In Electric Boat “RAICHO-I”
Tomoji Takamasa, Tsuyoshi Oode, Hiroyasu Kifune, Etsuro Shimizu, Tatsuya Hazuku

Navigation Support System for Electric Boat
Etsuro Shimizu, Masato Nishimura, Tsuyoshi Oode, Hiroyasu Kifune, Tomoji Takamasa, Tatsuya Hazuku

Invariant based Ship DC Power System Design
I. Kondratiev, R. Dougal

Navy Electronic Motor Operator
Rajesh S. Chawla, Timothy L. Stanford, Sylvia A. Wrate

10:45 am….. A1L-B – Analysis

Chair: Mischa Steurer, Florida State University

Software-Interface Structure for Grid-Stability Assessment in Complex Naval Converter
Applications Using DLL
Roman Bartelt, Martin Oettmeier, Carsten Heising, Volker Staudt, Andreas Steimel

A Model Order Reduction Method for Nonlinear Multi-Time Scale Systems
Fan Ma, Weiming Ma, Lijun Fu, Jun Kang, Xuexin Fan, Zhihao Ye, Gang Wang

Power System Stability Analysis of Synthesized Complex Impedance Loads on an Electric Ship
Jonathan R. LeSage, Raul G. Longoria, William Shutt

Dynamic Assessment of Thermal Management Strategies Aboard Naval Surface Ships
Thomas M. Kiehne

Modelling of IM with Double-Star Stator Windings for Assessing Machine Controls in Case of Faults
Jie Fang, Carsten Heising, Volker Staudt, Andreas Steimel

10:45 am….. A1L-C – Electrical Machines

Chair: Stephen Kuznetsov, Raytheon

Implementation of Sine-Wave Input/Output BLDC Inverter for Low Inductance Shipboard PM Motor Drives Using Modular Power Platform
William R. Kranz, Robert M. Cuzner, Daniel J. Drews, Ashish R. Bendre, Giri Venkataramenan

Implementation of a Virtual Induction Machine Test Bed Utilizing the Power Hardware-in-the-Loop Concept
Oleg Vodyakho, Fletcher Fleming, Michael Steurer, Chris Edrington

A Magnetic Equivalent Circuit for Automated Design of Wound-Rotor Synchronous Machines
Michelle L. Bash, Steve Pekarek

Flux-Based Control Approach for Anisotrop PMSM for Naval Applications
Martin Oettmeier, Carsten Heising, Jie Fang, Volker Staudt, Andreas Steimel

12:30 pm …… Lunch

2:00 pm……. A2L-A – System Architecture

Chair: Herbert Ginn, University of South Carolina

Flexible Test Bed for MVDC and HFAC Electric Ship Power System Architectures for Navy Ships
John D. Herbst, Angelo L. Gattozzi, A. Ouroua, Fabian M. Uriarte

Analysis of Various All-Electric-Ship Electrical Distribution System Topologies
J.S. Chalfant, C. Chryssostomidis

Cross-Platform Validation of Notional Baseline Architecture Models of Naval Electric Ship Power Systems
Hasan Ali, Roger Dougal, Abdelhamid Ouroua, Robert Hebner, Mischa Steurer, Mike Andrus, James Langston, Karl Schoder, Rob Hovsapian

High-Frequency Power Generation and Distribution in Multi-Megawatt Power Systems
J.H. Beno, R.E. Hebner, A. Ouroua

2:00 pm……. A2L-B – Modeling and Simulation I

Chair: Roger Dougal, University of South Carolina

Integrated Power System Modeling and Simulation
L. Qi, J. Pan, Z. Wang, J. Daniel, O. Apeldoorn

A Parallel Based Real-Time Electromagnetic Transient Simulator for IPS
Yuan Gong, Laijun Chen, Ying Chen, Yin Xu

A Low-Cost High-Speed Real-Time Simulator for Ships Power Systems
R.E. Crosbie, J.J. Zenor, D.A. Word, R. Bednar, N.G. Hingorani

Development of a Multicore Power System Simulator for Ship Systems
Fabian M. Uriarte, Robert Hebner

2:00 pm……. A2L-C – Power Conversion I

Chair: Robert Cox, UNC Charlotte

Power Sharing Analysis of Double-Input Converters based on H-Bridge Cells
Reza Ahmadi, Nima Yousefpoor, Mehdi Ferdowsi

The Development of a 20MW PWM Driver for an Advanced Fifteen-Phase Propulsion Induction Motor
Chi Sun, Sheng Ai, Weiming Ma, Na He, Cheng Zhang, JunYan Wang, Yulin Chen

A Transformer-Flux-Balance Controller for a High-Frequency-Link Inverter with Applications for Solid-State Transformer, Renewable/Alternative Energy Sources, Energy
Storage, and Electric Vehicles
Alireza Tajfar, Sudip K. Mazumder

Conception Design of Permanent Magnet Synchronous HTS Motor
Li Liyi, Cao Jiwei

10 kV/120 A SiC DMOSFET Half H-Bridge Power Modules for 1 MVA Solid State Power Substation
David Grider, Mrinal Das, Anant Agarwal, John Palmour, Ravisekhar Raju, Michael Schutten, Scott Leslie, John Ostop, Al Hefner

3:45 PM …….. Coffee Break

4:00 pm……. A3L-A – Modeling and Simulation II

Chair: John Amy, ASN RDA Cheng

A PC-Based Test Bed for NG IPS for Ships in PSCAD™
Hung-Ming Chou, Fred A. Ituzaro, Karen L. Butler-Purry

VPNET: A Co-Simulation Framework for Analyzing Communication Channel Effects on
Power Systems
W. Li, A. Monti, M. Luo, Roger A. Dougal

Evaluation of Power System Design for an Electric Ship with VTB Dynamic Generation Model
Soo-Nam Kim, Philip Stone, Y. Zhang, Yong-June Shin, Roger Dougal

Simulation of a DC-DC Boost Converter with Measurement Delays
Saichol Chudjuarjeen, Juan C. Jimenez, Sachi Jayasuriya, Chika O. Nwankpa, Karen Miu, Anawach Sangswang

Control Volume based Thermodynamic Modeling Applied to the Thermal Management of a Notional All-Electric Ship
J.A. Souza, J.C. Ordonez, J.V.C. Vargas, R. Hovsapian

4:00 pm……. A3L-B – Reconfiguration and Survivability

Chair: Rob Hovsapian, Florida State University

A Two-Step Method for Reconfiguration of Shipboard Power System
Wenqin Xue, Yong Fu

Analysis of Various Partitioning Strategies for Multi-Agent System-Based Real-Time Load
Management for NG IPS Ships
Xianyong Feng, Karen L. Butler-Purry, Takis Zourntos

Analysis of Robustness for Shipboard Power System with Non-Radial Power Flow
Sayak Bose, Bala Natarajan, Caterina Scoglio, Sanjoy Das, Noel N. Schulz

Sensor Optimization and Placement for Enhanced Power System Monitoring Using Entropy
T. El-Mezyani, S.K. Srivastava, D.A. Cartes, D. Dustegor

Evolutionary Programming based Multi-Objective Optimization for a Heterogeneous System
Thabendra Thevarajan, Sanjeev K. Srivastava, Dave A. Cartes

4:00 pm……. A3L-C – Design Tools

Chair: Sudip Mazumder, University of Illinois

Linear Network Design for AC Shipboard Distribution Systems
Joshua A. Taylor, Eric Gilberston, Julie Chalfant, Franz S. Hover

Analysis of Bifurcation Behavior in Power Converters and the Impact on the Design Process
M. Sattler, C.S. Edrington

Advancements in Generalized Immittance based Stability Analysis of DC Power Electronics based Distribution Systems
Scott D. Sudhoff, Jonathan M. Crider

Integration of the ESRDC Notional All-Electric Ship Visualization with Paramarine*
J. Souza, J. Chalfant, S. Motiwalla, C. Chryssostomidis,
R. Hovsapian, J. Vargas, J.C. Ordonez

The Use of Real Time Digital Simulation and Hardware in the Loop to De-Risk Novel Control Algorithms
S. Loddick, U. Mupambireyi, S. Blair, C. Booth, X. Li, A. Roscoe, K. Daffey, J. Watson

Advanced Electrical Design for the Next Generation MV Integrated Power System
Kathleen Lentijo, Nick Benavides

5:45 pm …….. Break

7:00 pm …….. Dinner

Tuesday, April 12___________________________

7:00 am …….. Breakfast

8:00 am……. B1L-P – Plenary 2 – Academia Panel

Moderator: Mr. Dave Clayton, BMT Syntek

Prof. Scott Sudhoff, Purdue University
Prof. Marija Ilic, Carnegie Mellon University – Invited
Prof. Steve Leeb, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Prof. Ed Zivi, US Naval Academy

10:00 am …… Coffee Break

10:15 am….. B1L-A – Protection

Chair: Steve Pekarek, Purdue

Ambient-Temperature Fault Current Limiter for Electric Ship Power Systems
Prafulla Rajabhau Deo, Tushar Pritamlal Shah, Robert Chong

High Speed Protection Concept to Minimize the Impacts of Arc-Flash Incidents in Electrical Systems of Ships
Lauri Kumpulainen, Toni Harju, Heinz Pursch, Sven Wolfram

Branch Circuit Protection for DC Systems
Ugo Ghisla, Igor Kondratiev, Roger A. Dougal

A Sensor Failure Resilience Metric for Ship-Board Power System
Dilek Dustegor, Touria El Mezyani, Peter G. McLaren

Soft Reclosing of Fault Current Limiters in Electric Ship Power Systems
Yucheng Zhang, Hasan M. Ali, Roger A. Dougal

10:15 am….. B1L-B – Power Semiconductors

Chair: Enrico Santi, University of South Carolina

Design Comparison of 6.5 kV Si-IGBT, 6.5kV SiC JBS Diode, and 10 kV SiC MOSFETs in Megawatt Converters for Shipboard Power System
Hesam Mirzaee, S. Bhattacharya, S. Ryu, A. Agarwal

Solid-State Circuit Breakers for Medium Voltage DC Power
M. Kempkes, I. Roth, M. Gaudreau

Assessment of Encapsulants for High-Voltage, High-Temperature Power Electronic Packaging
Yiying Yao, Guo-Quan Lu, Zheng Chen, Dushan Boroyevich, Khai D.T. Ngo

Thermal Modeling and Simulation of the Chilled Water System for Future All Electric Ship
Ruixian Fang, Wei Jiang, Jamil Khan, Roger Dougal

10:15 am….. B1L-C – Shipboard Power Systems

Chair: Noel Schulz, Kansas State University

Nonlinear Observability Formulation for Shipboard Power Systems Incorporating
Converter Dynamics
Juan C. Jimenez, Chris J. Dafis, Karen Miu, Chika O. Nwankpa

Considerations when Diode Auctioneering Multiple DC Buses in a Non-Isolated DC
Distribution System
Robert M. Cuzner, Ashish R. Bendre, Jarrod D. Widmann, Kelly A. Stonger, Stephen M. Peshman, Jesse S. Carlton, Jeffrey A. Fischer

12:00 pm …… Lunch

1:30 pm……. B2L-A – Propulsion

Chair: Chris Dafis, Naval Surface Warfare Center

Design of Multiphase Induction Motor for Electric Ship Propulsion
Archana S. Nanoty, A.R. Chudasama

Diesel Electric Propulsion on ΣIGMA Class Corvettes
Christina Vossen

Optimized Energy-Efficient Drive System for Ship Propulsion
Carsten Heising, Volker Staudt, Andreas Steimel

A Transformerless Full Redundant Electrical Propulsion Solution to Enhance Power Density, Availability and Low Noise Signature
Loic Leclere, Christophe Galmiche

1:30 pm……. B2L-B – Fault Detection

Chair: Boris Jacobson, Raytheon

Management of Ground Faults in an Ungrounded Multi-Terminal Zonal DC Distribution System with Auctioneered Loads
Robert M. Cuzner, Thomas Sielicki, Andrew E. Archibald, Douglas A. McFarlin

An Examination of Mutual Influences Between High-Voltage Shore-Connected Ships and Port Earthing Systems During Phase-to-Ground Faults
G. Sulligoi, D. Bosich, A. Da Rin, F. Tosato

Fault Location for a DC Zonal Electrical Distribution Systems Using Active Impedance
Edward Christopher, Mark Sumner, David Thomas, Frans de Wildt

Fault Current Reduction Using Inverter Controlled Energy Storage for Shipboard MVAC
Power System
Asif Anwar, Yucheng Zhang, Roger A. Dougal

Fault Protection and Ride-Through Scheme for MVDC Power Distribution Systems Utilizing a Supervisory Controller
Jason Tucker, Daniel Martin, Richard Mersenski, Adam Barkley, Pietro Cairoli, Ugo Ghisla,
Antonino Riccobono, Roger Dougal, Enrico Santi

1:30 pm……. B2L-C – Electrical Components

Chair: Giorgio Sulligoi, University of Trieste, Italy

A Magnetic Gear with Passive Transient Suppression Capability
Nicolas W. Frank, Siavash Pakdelian, Hamid A. Toliyat

Permanent Magnet Inductor Design
G.M. Shane, S.D. Sudhoff

Structure and Analysis of the Z-Source MVDC Breaker
Keith A. Corzine, Robert W. Ashton

Electromechanical Ballistic DC Breaker for Use on Ships
Roger W. Faulkner, Robert Karnes

Integrated Main Reduction Gears for Hybrid Drive Surface Ship Applications
Dwight Alexander, Tommy Lo, James Bravo, Yakov Fleytman

3:15 PM …….. Coffee Break

3:30 pm……. B3L-A – Testing and Certification

Chair: Yuri Khersonsky, Consultant to ONR, USA

Electrical Aging Phenomena of Medium Voltage EPR Cable Energized by AC Voltage with
Switching Impulses Superimposed
L. Cao, A. Zanwar, S. Grzybowski

Improving the Control-Design Process in Naval Applications Using CHIL
Matthias Gorski, Roman Bartelt, Martin Oettmeier, Carsten Heising, Volker Staudt

On-Board Permanent PD Monitoring for Propulsion, Distribution and Generation Systems in Marine Applications
M. Tozzi, L. Testa, M. Busi, M. Marotta, M. Kennerly, G.C. Montanari

Evaluation of SiC Devices in Converter Phase-Leg at High Temperature
Dong Jiang, Fred Wang

Rapid Protyping CHIL Methodology for Advanced Converter Studies
C.S. Edrington, Y. Liu, J. Leonard, S. Henry, S. Balathandayuthapani

3:30 pm……. B3L-B – Generation and Propulsion

Chair: Mohamed Belkhayat, Northrop Grumman

New Challenges Emerged from the Development of More Efficient Electric Energy Generation Units
J.M. Prousalidis, G.J. Tsekouras, F. Kanellos

Dual Voltage DC Generator for Compact Light-Weight Ship Electrical Systems
Rui Zhou, Ravisekhar Raju, Luis Garces

Design, Implementation and Testing of a Ship-Board Medium-Voltage DC Generation System Based on a Ultra-High Speed 12-Phase Alternator
G. Sulligoi, A. Tessarolo, V. Benucci, A. Millerani Trapani, M. Baret, F. Luise

Megawatt-Scale Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation of Power Generation with a Hybrid Electric Drive System*
Michael Sloderbeck, Tim Chiocchio, Mischa Steurer

3:30 pm……. B3L-C – Energy Storage and Management

Chair: Volker Staudt, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany

Simulation of an Energy Storage System to Compensate Pulsed Loads on Shipboard Electric Power System
Franck Scuiller

An Approach to Optimally Allocate Energy Storage in Naval Electric Ships
Ricky R. Chan, Scott D. Sudhoff, Edwin L. Zivi

Energy Considerations for a Long Range Diesel Electric Submarine
David Williams, Anders Folbert

Power and Energy Management in Integrated Power System
Qunying Shen, Bhuvaneswari Ramachandran, Sanjeev K. Srivastava, Michael Andrus, David A. Cartes

Advanced AC to AC Power Conversion Techniques for Naval Ship Propulsion Drives
Stephen Kuznetsov

Wednesday, April 13________________________

7:00 am …….. Breakfast

8:00 am……. C1L-P – Plenary 3 – Government Panel

Moderator: Dr. Timothy J. McCoy, PEO Ships

Dr. John V. Amy, Jr., ASN RDA Cheng
Dr. Norbert Doerry, NAVSEA Chief Technology Office
Dan Ton, US Department of Energy
Capt. Chris Mercer, PMS 377

10:00 am …… Coffee Break

10:15 am….. C1L-A – Electric Ship Standards

Chair: Nari Hingorani, Consultant

New IEEE Standards for Ships
Yuri Khersonsky

Electromagnetic Compatibility on Shipboards
Stefany Marrugo, Víctor Jiménez

IEEE-45 Dot Standard Development for Shipboard Electrical Systems – A Bold Step Forward for the Industry
Moni Islam, Dwight Alexander

Voltage Deviation Factor Analysis and Meaning for Warship Electric Power System
Franck Scuiller, Bernard Keruel, Marc Richard

Requirements for Deterministic Control Systems
Michael Roa, David Cartes, Mark Nelson, Wayne Cantrell

10:15 am….. C1L-B – Power Quality

Chair: Yong-June Shin, University of South Carolina

Adaptive Limited Lookahead Controller for Minimizing Power Losses in Flexible Active
Ranjit Amgai, Jian Shi, Sherif Abdelwahed, Ahmad Albanna, Herbert L. Ginn

Design and Control of Series DC Active Filter (SDAF) for Shipboard Medium-Voltage DC Power System
Hesam Mirzaee, Babak Parkhideh, Subhashish Bhattacharya

Study on Converter Topologies for Capacitive Pulse Forming Network and Energy Storage Units in Electric Ship
S. Balathandayuthapani, C.S. Edrington, S. Henry

Real-Time Wavelet Transform in an Electric Ship Simulation
Rui Guo, M. Sloderbeck, L. DeBrunner, M. Steurer

Scenario-Based Stability-Assessment of Converter-Fed DC-Ship Grids Loaded with Pulsed Power
Roman Bartelt, Martin Oettmeier, Carsten Heising, Volker Staudt, Andreas Steimel

10:15 am….. C1L-C – Power Conversion II

Chair: Chris Edrington, Florida State University

Control/Protection Architecture for Power Electronic Converters
Narain Hingorani, Herbert Ginn III, Joseph Sullivan

Pole-Restraining Controlled Active Infeed Converter with Integrated Power-Quality
Improvement for AC-Ship Grids
Volker Staudt, Carsten Heising, Roman Bartelt, Martin Oettmeier, Andreas Steimel

High Density Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter for Medium-Voltage Motor Drive
Dong Jiang, Jing Xue, Fred Wang

Dynamic Modeling of Short-Circuit Behavior of a Six-Pulse Rectifier
Pandarinath Murali, Surya Santoso

An On-Line Fault Diagnosis Method for Power Electronic Drives
Jason M. Anderson, Robert W. Cox, Jukkrit Noppakunkajorn

12:00 pm …… End Symposium

* Indicates presentation only, no paper appears in the proceedings.


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